Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Update

Another year, and another reminder that I've neglected this site—and hence, the invisible, virtual tumbleweed. Work, among other distractions, made the prospect of forcing myself to write all the more unappealing. The last year or so I've basically adopted a very spontaneous approach and only wrote when I felt like it. If my output is any indication, then, it's that I'm not very spontaneous. I'm running out of true free time, since I will be starting school this fall. So, I've got about 8 months to go all out.

I need some sort of project to keep me going, and I think I've got it. I recently switched to as my database of choice. Netflix was fine, but I stopped my subscription. And, if you've ever heard of, you know the site is an absolute mess. I've toyed around with others, but imdb is simply the most complete and most reliable. You can sort what you've seen by a range of years, which for me, is a huge plus since that's normally how I approach a movie. I still find imdb's community a mostly insufferable bunch, so I'm definitely not straying from my lone wolf mentality as a blogger; I am simply taking advantage of their excellent database.

I've often abhorred the use of lists and especially ratings, but I stand by their simple organizational capacity and their value as a learning tool. I'm also skeptical of superlatives, which makes it all the more damning that I have made this:

That's right. I have the courage (or rather gall) to call these movies perfect. Not because they're flawless, but because they have "it"; they have that je ne sais quoi—and yes, that's a copout answer. I think a better description is they have a pulse; they are pictures that are alive and, more importantly, synchronize with my own ethos. My project, then, is to ponder my so-called perfect conception of these movies—not to dissect them, but simply to dwell on my feelings and thoughts when I see them.

Also, I used to keep track of what I watch, but I realized it's much easier to just use, so:

Any lists I've made shall be linked to on the right.

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